Sonar Animals

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  1. Jun 10,  · While little is known about any direct physiological effects of sonar waves on marine species, evidence shows that whales will swim hundreds of miles, rapidly change their depth (sometime leading.
  2. Sonar and marine animals Some marine animals, such as whales and dolphins, use echolocation systems similar to active sonar to locate predators and prey. It is feared that sonar transmitters could confuse these animals and cause them to lose their way, perhaps preventing them from feeding and mating.
  3. Other uses of SONAR besides military uses now include commercial and scientific uses. The word SONAR was invented by F. V. Ted Hunt who was the director of the Harvard Underwood Sound Laboratory. The word SONAR was developed from the words “sound navigation and ranging” [ScienceMag]. There are two major types of SONAR, passive and active.

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