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Locomotion - Definitive Gaze - Children Of A Lesser Pop (Cassette, Album)

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  1. There are at least a few keepers here, especially the downright catchy 'It's a Long Time,' which in a different set of hands could have been reconfigured into a power pop classic. This cassette originates from and is packaged informally as if it were a demo or advance tape, however Manifest's album didn't surface for another two years.
  2. Dec 23,  · Hoodoo Gurus is an Australian power pop band and Stoneage Romeos was their debut album & it includes the song My Girl. The said song was played several times in a local radio station WXB during the 80's. And I was so impressed by the group's pop hooks that I really got to have the album, which I did.
  3. Part of the RYM Ultimate Box Set "A new set of groups, many with noise backgrounds, are melting lo-fi melodies into abstract sonic ambience. In the August issue of Wire magazine, David Keenan coined the term "hypnagogic pop" as an umbrella for these various sounds and approaches, citing the outer-space soundtracks of James Ferraro of the Skaters, the muffled tropicalia of Ducktails, and.
  4. N ot surprisingly, Ace in the Hole was received poorly by the media at the time of its release, and in a last-ditch effort to make money off the film, Paramount re-released Billy Wilder’s unsung masterpiece under the more obvious—but no less appropriate—title The Big trogumomtoogamlirestgousbiosacphyomea.coinfo unlike Fritz Lang’s equally misanthropic Scarlet Street, Ace in the Hole plays the squashing of one man’s.
  5. 01 Definitive Gaze () 02 Great Beautician In The Sky () 03 Give Me Everything () 04 My Tulpa () 05 Back To Nature () 06 Shot By Both Sides () UK .
  6. A series of workshops and talks at Hotel Hotel. ‘Porosity Kabari’ is an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, collaborative project between Australian object designer Trent Jansen, artist and architect Richard Goodwin, and Indian design thinker Ishan Khosla.
  7. A ATP World Tour Masters A cappella A Coruña A Portuguesa A* search algorithm A-Teens A priori and a posteriori Fairchild Republic A Thunderbolt II Douglas A Havoc A-League A-side and B-side The A-Team A. P. Moller-Maersk Group A.I. Artificial Intelligence A1 Grand Prix Airbus A Airbus A Airbus A family Airbus A Airbus A Airbus AM Mitsubishi A6M Zero ABC (medicine.
  8. The expat duo that is CIA Debutante hail from France & have been murking the waters of the cassette underground for the latter part of this decade. 'The Landlord' is their debut vinyl release. Succinctly described as a cross between the Shadow Ring & Cabaret Voltaire, CIA Debutante peak & percolate like a sci-fi absinthe of future past.
  9. BARRIO (fka ROOQ, featured on the Ras G produced Mochilla album Beats and the abstract truth) dropped the cassette Grand African Phase via Messac, France’s imprint/studio/workshop My Bags. The Cuba by France artist mixes 70s found LP samples in a rhythmic melting pop of that summons the styles and soul from African movements with some west.

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